What advantages does Micro Counter® offer when compared to other counters?top Yes, Micro Counter® can be adapted to any type of microscope, normal or inverted, though a USB connection from the microscope to Micro Counter®. The device is provided with a range of common microscope binocular adaptors. Ask your technical department in case of doubt.

What advantages does Micro Counter® offer when compared to other counters?top The advantages that Micro Counter® offers are:

  • Reprucibility: Independent of the person that that is actually performing the counting, Micro Counter® maintains its own register.
  • Easy to use: design that is very easy to use
  • Time Saving: Prevent the monotony of manual counting.
Offers more functionality for your microscope and does not require reagents or consumables.

What is the count range?top Micro Counter® is designed to measure between∙104 cells/ml and 1∙107 cells/ml.

What size cells will it count?top Micro Counter® can count cells between 1 µm to 1000 µm depending on the microscope used.

What type of cells can it count?top Micro Counter® counts any cells that can be seen by the human eye..

Can Micro Counter count irregular or elongated cells?top Yes although if the form is also irregular, it considers them artifacts and ignores them.

How does Micro Counter® count a group of cells?top Depending on the size and quality of the group, Micro Counter ® separates them and counts 4 or 5 cells in the same group. If the groups are larger, it will result in some counting errors.

Does it distinguish between different cell lines in the count?top No. Micro Counter® only counts one type of cell per count.

Can it measure cell viability?top We are actively developing a version that incorporates viability. Please, contact our R&D department if you would like to be a beta tester.

How can I clean and maintain the instrument?top You can clean the surface of Micro Counter ® with a moist cloth. To clean the screen, first make sure the instrument is disconnected and clean with a soft moist cloth. Micro Counter® does not need regular maintenance.

Does it require a computer?top No. It just requires a microscope.

Does Micro Counter® save images?top Yes, the instrument is capable of saving more than 200.000 images, (40.000 countings).

Can Micro Counter® generate a report?top Yes, Micro Counter® can generate an individual count or generate automatic report that can be exported in the form of a pdf or xls.

Do I need special software in my computer to visualize my saved results from a USB drive?top You only need a program to open Excel or PDF files and an Image Viewer.

How does Micro Counter® distinguish a divided cell?top Depends on the severity of the division, it could count 1 or 2 cell.

What dyes can be used with Micro Counter®?top It can use whichever type of dye that increases contrast between the background and the cells.

How can I get the product?top Please, contact your local distributor.

Should I have an initial training session before I start to use the product?top A basic training session of 30 minutes is highly recommended before you use Micro Counter®.

What type of counting chamber can be used? You can use whichever type of counting chamber that has a known depth, including chambers without marks.

Do I need special cell count recipients for a count?top No. Micro Counter® works with Neubauer, Thoma, …. Etc. Please, check our list of validated chambers and recipients.

Do I need special reagents for a count? top No. Micro Counter® does not require any reagents.

Can I calibrate the system myself or do I need a technician?top You can calibrate it yourself. Once a year we recommend that a technician calibrate it.

How frequently do I need to calibrate Micro Counter®?top You need to calibrate it if you change the microscope.

In which formats con I export results?top You can export in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) and Microsoft Excel (xls).

Where can I receive technical support?top You can contact Celeromics’ technical support by telephone (961825005) or by email at support@celeromics.com.

Do you ship internationally?top Please contact your local distributor for more information about transport options.

Why do I need to register?top Our clients need to register to obtain better service and to maintain product tracking.

What should I do if I receive a damaged package or if I have a lost shipment?top Please, contact your local distributor It is the policy of Celeromics to replace or repair any material damaged by transport or manufacturing.


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