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Micro Counter 2100

Price: 7074$


Fluorescence Suspension Cell Analyzer





Micro Counter 2100 transforms any fluorescence microscope into a potent automatic cell assay analyzer and cell counter. The system performs fast, economic and reproducible fluorescence cell assay analysis.




Perform statistically significant population analysis with brightfield, and up to 4 different fluorescence channels.
Money savings

No disposable material required. No propietary reagents required. Maintenance free system
Leverage your current equipment Adapts to existing fluorescence microscopes that can be used with common laboratory recipients. It can also be sold with our own fluorescence microscope, in case you do not have one yet.


Product characteristics


  • Analyzes most suspension cell fluorescence microscopic assays.
  • Up to 4 fluorescence channels supported.
  • Cell viability.
  • Fluorescent protein expression.
  • The system is commercialized with or without fluorescence microscope.