Cell Counting with Neubauer Chamber

Basic Hemocytometer Usage

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Despite the fact of the recent technical development of scientific laboratories, the Neubauer chamber remains the most common method used for cell counting around the world.

This article has been written in order to help newbies and experimented researchers to perform a proper cell counting using a Neubauer chamber or Hemocytometer.

The principles described in this article apply to any cell counting chamber, although the dimensions and volumes of each chamber may differ.

First, the parts and basic principle of the Neubauer chamber are described.

Second, the article describes how to perform a cell count step by step, in order to achieve reliable and reproducible results. The article describes best practices and recommendations when performing a cell count.


The necessary elements to perform a cell count with Neubauer chamber are as follows:
  1. cellular dilution to measure
  2. hemocytometer, or Neubabuer chamber
  3. optical microscope
  4. cover glass
  5. pippette / micropippete with disposable tips.
  6. dilution buffer / PBS (if needed)
Material images
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