Cell Counter Buying Guide

The 10 things to take into account when buying a cell counter.

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1.Type of device

  • The most common devices are :

    • Hemocytometer. The most common device since the XIX century. A cristal washable chamber that is placed under the microscope. Although very cheap, this method is time consuming and user dependent.
    • Flow cytometer. Broadly used in the life sciences industry and academia. It provides reproductive results, but it has a high acquisition and maintenance cost.
    • Automated cell counter. Automated Cell Counters have a lower price tag than flow cytometers, with many of its advantages : user independence, and speed.
    • Spectrofotometer. For certain application ns, the concentration of cells existing in a recipient can be approximated using the amount of light that goes thru the recipient. The main disadvantages are the lack of detailed information about the sample, and the error generated.
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